Redefining Success

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Too often, we pursue success without intention.

We chase various goals: wealth, status or even social impact without questioning what motivates these desires—and without being truly honest about whether we are creating the future we want for ourselves and society. Even after achieving this is so called success, we often still lack contentment. Our current chase for success has left us with rising inequalities, an environmental crisis and many other issues on our hands.

Put simply, most of us are so busy climbing the ladder that we get to the top, only then to realise it was leaning against the wrong building all along.


“Shruthi has opened my eyes to see myself and the world differently, which I believe will benefit me throughout my life.


I create spaces for transformation.

I work as a Facilitator, Coach and Speaker to help individuals and organisations reorient their ladders, innovate, and build the leadership capacities they need to follow their true purpose.

My titles vary by project—educator, innovator, strategist—but the work I do centres on developing conscious, intentional leaders and supporting teams and organisations to innovate for a better future.

“As a result of Shruthi’s efforts our leaders worked brilliantly together as a team. We would love to continue to work with Shruthi and highly recommend her as a facilitator.”


Reflections on work and life

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