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    I'm on a mission to empower individuals, teams and organisations to fulfill their highest potential and amplify their positive impact on our world

  • What I Offer

    1:1 Coaching

    for individuals

    1:1 coaching to help you develop, grow, and make an impact. Covers a range of topics such as finding your purpose, starting or growing a social venture, support through transition, achieving goals, improving well-being, and overcoming limiting self beliefs.

    Facilitation & Training

    for groups and teams

    Workshops tailored to the millennial market to support teams and groups of people to develop their capability and thrive in changing and increasingly digital world. Covers a range of topics spanning leadership in the 21st century, teamwork, communication, mindfulness, strategy development, design thinking, social innovation and entrepreneurship.


    for schools, organisations and businesses

    Motivational & informative talks on a range of topics such as leadership, resilience, living with purpose, 21st century education, sustainability, engaging & retaining millennials, social innovation & entrepreneurship.

  • Nice To Meet You

    My name is Shruthi Vijayakumar and I envision a future that is sustainable, equitable and peaceful. A future where every organisation is driven by a purpose greater than profit and every individual is deeply fulfilled and happy.


    I collaborate with a team of fantastic mentors and friends and we love to support individuals, teams and organisations to grow and create impact. To this end, I have facilitated workshops, retreats, strategy sessions and spoken at events in various countries including New Zealand, Australia, India, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and China. Most recently, I ran a social enterprise accelerator, coaching and training young people to launch social ventures. I have also trained as a Coach with the Coach Masters Academy.


    Previously, I have worked with, founded and led a number of social enterprises, start-ups and non-profits spanning education, youth development and environment including Inspiring Stories, P3 Foundation, World Vision, Better World Ed and The Plastic Bottle Kayak. In a former life, I worked as a management consultant, advising government and large corporate clients in Australia, with the Boston Consulting Group.

    I've been recognised as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, a Global Changemaker by the British Council and my work has been featured on The Huffington Post. I enjoy playing the flute, love catching a sunset, and could happily spend hours in front of a fire or gazing at the stars. You can also follow my blog here. Look forward to connecting with you!

  • What Clients Are Saying

    Auckland Council

    leadership workshop for environmental leaders

    "The way Shruthi facilitated our full day leadership workshop with our environmental leaders was outstanding. She was well-prepared, intuitively connected to the group from the outset, and her way of being way was empowering. As a result of Shruthi’s efforts our leaders took 100% responsibility for their role at our hui. They were able to be attractive role models for new participants and they worked brilliantly together as a team. We would love to continue to work with Shruthi and highly recommend her as a facilitator."

    Live the Dream

    coaching social entrepreneurs

    "Shruthi was instrumental to my development over Live the Dream. Her ability to be present and listen, while challenging me and asking questions helped deepen my awareness and facilitated much personal growth. She could be counted on to be a motivating force and I would definitely recommend her as a coach to anyone looking for steady growth and a supportive ear"


    "Shruthi has a unique way to see the best in people and bring out their potential. Through our coaching sessions she brought me to a deeper level of understanding around issues I was facing, supported me in working through these and helped me to focus and prioritize. I was often challenged by Shruthi to start doing things that I have put off because of fear, confusion or doubt. Working through this was challenging but I always felt very supported, safe and encouraged to push further. Shruthi has opened my eyes to see myself and the world differently, which I believe will benefit me throughout my life"

    Social Innovation NZ

    team building workshop for social innovators

    "Shruthi was a fantastic facilitator at our Social Innovation National Conference and Kickstart Competition. She was able to engage the audience extremely well and challenge our thinking on how we work as a team. The experience allowed us to understand how teams could better work with each other and enabled us to be more self aware of how our actions impacted our teams. Participants from both of Shruthi's sessions gained a lot and I would highly recommend having Shruthi as a facilitator."